OUR kids grow fast: Colben & Hollis

October 19, 2014  •  2 Comments

I have recently gave a lot of thought wether or not to open a studio. It's October, winter seems to have come already in Lithuania and will only leave in April. Meanwhile, we have snow, sun, fun, but also could have -20 degrees for two weeks in a row. Who would like to have a an outdoor & natural light photo-session then? People from the Arctic Circle maybe :)

But then I had an amazing "welcome to the family" session for baby Colben. This is "technically" the second photo-session of Colben since the very first one we had when Audra was pregnant with him. We have discussed a bit our session, decided on some pictures mom wanted to have (moms know what they want :), but with two kids we ended-up having a lot of candid shots... that I LOVE!

Going back to my studio or no studio dilemma, and looking at the amazing shots of Audra's family, I have just realised: NO DILEMMA! I simply love pictures taken in the family environment, in the home the family has at that moment in their lives. These pictures of baby Colben, Hollis as a toddler will always remind them of the great time they had in Vilnius. I doubt that a studio full of props and lights will remind them of the beautiful flowers they have on the balcony, of the sheer sunny bedroom, of their carpet so much used as a play-mat! 

Have a look yourself at the pictures below and tell me: am I right or not ?!


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Grammy Paula - I understand so well what are you writing about!II I have my mom commenting over the phone the pictures I am sending her. It is so precious for our beloved parents, friends and relatives to have photos of us. These photos bridge distances and allow distant members of our family to be part of "our moments" :)
Grammy Paula(non-registered)
made us laugh and cry all at the same time. Love you all. Thank you D'alex for capturing the Labak family so beautifully
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