OUR mornings

October 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

I usually find myself taking pictures of our family while traveling or celebrating, mostly on "special occasions". Recently I have started to pick up the camera while enjoying casual moment of our lives. OUR mornings. OUR rituals. OUR moods.

Mornings are my favorite parts of the day. I wake up early to enjoy a bit of personal time before preparing breakfast. I LOVE cooking omelettes with vegetables, making salads, putting fresh orange juice on the table and have my family slowly waking up by the inviting smell of home-cooked breakfast. These are the active mornings ;)

The lazy mornings start with dressing-up Clara her up and allowing her to play a bit while the rest of the family is still sleeping or sleepy. Clara knows how to wake us up. She is talkative and inviting. She makes a lot of noise in the bedroom opening drawers to look for pink clothes, bringing her bag of headbands, asking us which ones do we want to wear that morning. It is compulsory for mom and dad to  wear a headband in the morning :)

I used to freak out about pink, princess, twirling skirts, headbands with too many flowers and girly stuff. Now I am not. I am not paying extra attention to this stage in her life. It is as cute as it gets and I know from my older daughter that used to walk around with butterfly wings that Clara will eventually grow out of it. Of course I am not buying pink clothes for her and generally I do not favor dresses and skirts over trousers. But this is where we are now. In a pink mood.

The gallery below is an example of it. Enjoy the gallery and don't forget to enjoy mornings!







So much sweetness & beauty, wonderful mornings!
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