Finally found an English-speaking Photoshop Teacher in Vilnius!!!

October 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am a self-taught user of Photoshop. I have started with a Basic Guide to Photoshop, went through all its 12 chapters, had fun with the exercises when Clara was two months old. In fact, Clara is the reason I got into photography and image enhancement. I really wanted to master amazing portraits of my baby while she was so fast growing-up.

I was shooting jpgs, took me three months to discover Adobe Camera Raw and its amazing features. I was struggling with the tools and everything seemed overwhelming at that time, almost discouraging. Photoshop is - in my opinion - an intricate piece of software, especially because I was discovering its tools, hints, tips on my own. At my own pace. And that took forever!

With a lot of perseverance from my side, I have started to notice progress in my attempt to specialise in portraiture. I have randomly chosen some of the portraits I have taken throughout these years and made collages of "before and after". The "before" is the original jpg and the "after" is the finished Photoshop-enhanced photograph. I love Photoshop and how it really allows me to twist reality according to my own imagination!!!

NOW I know how to lighten-up images, use brushes, mask parts of the images, use colors to express my artistic vision, resize, blur, remove blemishes, combine selections from various photographs, apply textures, work-out selections. But remember, it took me three years to discover and be able to perform all these.

Since I am in a foreign country and I am not really mastering the language, I was looking for an English-speaking teacher, an Adobe-certified Photoshop master that could speed-up my creative journey with Photoshop. NOW I have found her!!!

What's even better, she has kindly accepted to put together an English-speaking class in Vilnius where she will teach Photoshop CC. From my extensive research, SHE is the only Adobe-certified English-speaking teacher that is offering Photoshop class *in English*!!!

The class starts on 14 January 2015. Register NOW as the places in the class are limited! I am spreading the news and bringing all my photography friends over ;)

See you in class!



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