Our family: Shannon, Dustin, Gracie, Ethan and Madi

July 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Shannon invited my to take photographs of her family. They have recently moved to Vilnius and they would love to have an album with their photographs for their families to receive back home, in US. Great! It's exactly what I love most in photography: getting to shape stories of expat families currently living in Vilnius into memorable photographs!

So, we exchanged emails, found a free Sunday for both of us and stuck to it. It only turned out to be pouring rain in a overcast day. We were forced to stay in, no outdoor photography. Yet, the kids didn't care. They continued to entertain me, play the photography game, count with me 1,2,3, banana! play with soap bubbles... Just be themselves.

So how to do it? I asked Shannon and Dustin to keep looking at me and smile :) The kids would do their thing and everything would be perfect. And it was!


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