Our weekend in Palanga

July 28, 2014  •  2 Comments

We had selfies. Our instagram accounts needed that!

We had fun and all the sand tools we needed to dig holes, put sand into flower molds, build and demolish sand castles.

We had the calmest Baltic Sea, seagulls and swimmers. I have immersed myself into ice-cold waters and resisted-in for 30 minutes to capture an amazing scenery.

We had cans of Gira and bought some other bottles... just to make sure we have enough. We are BIG fans of GIRA!

I have been offered sand massage for toes.

Amazing contrast captured with my LensBabsy Composer Pro.  I will never cease to praise the serene blue waters reflecting the incredible shades of the sky. Such a feast for my eyes and lenses!

Twinkling waters.Twinkling sand. Bliss and brilliance.

Time for only one monochrome portrait of my beloved Miruna. Already posted on instagram ;)

That's ALL we have done during one weekend in Palanga!




D'alex photography
Thank you Audra!!! I like it very much in dark blue...it tells me it is taken by the seaside :) Considering how rarely she allows me to take photographs of her, I am very happy with this photograph too ;)
Audra Labak(non-registered)
Wow... this last pic of your daughter is STUNNING.
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