Our Christmas lights & chocolate evening

November 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

November evenings are getting darker and darker, draining all the energy out of our playfulness. Not something we can bear for a long time. So we have taken out the Christmas lights, the hazelnuts' jars, the heart-shaped chocolate moulds.  Our evenings are exciting again!

Just to genuinely rehearse the holidays magic, Clara immediately looked for her sequins red dress.  Everything improvised of course, so she mis-dressed the dress with sequins in the back. It doesn't matter, the photo of her sweet smile will keep the story alive, no the sequins:)

When comes to experimenting in the kitchen, we look up for recipes on Teo's kitchen blog.There we have found the recipe for home-made chocolate her mom was making when she was a child. It is in Romanian, but I just briefly write it below and you can have a look on her blog for more (google translated) details.

So, home made chocolate, recipe from Teo's Kitchen:

1 kilo sugar, 200 ml water, 1/2 kilo milk powder, 200 gr butter, 100 gr cocoa, vanilla. We have added one hazelnut in each of the moulds. Boil sugar with water for 5 min, add cocoa and boil 2 more minutes, add butter. Remove the pan from the stove when butter is melted and add gradually the milk powder. Pour the chocolate into silicone moulds.

We have done half of the recipe just because we have small moulds. It resulted into 45 small delicious home-made chocolates.

So, if you want to pre-test Christmas magic with lights and chocolate, give it a try! We had a wonderful time, chocolate for 3 days and these sweet photos to share with you :)


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