Any better idea for a photo-session than family picnic with surprise cupcakes for your kids?!

September 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

First of all we need to tell you that this is the most rapid blog post in the history of D'alex photography :) We had the photo-session yesterday and today we are blogging it. Why?!

It is awesome to have an autumn family photo-session, but to have family photo-session & cupcakes is feast for the eyes and taste buds! (yeap, we got to taste them ourselves and they are incredibly fingers-licking delicious!)

The kids were so cute!!! They ate pears and apples, played around, hugged the parents, posed for the family photos and had cupcakes as dessert only. As you can see from their smiley faces, the dessert was very well received ;)

Have a look yourselves at the photos below and if you want to complement your photo-session with surprise cupcakes for your partner/ kids, book Lana!

She will prepare the order for you with the same love and attention she put in the cupcakes she brought for her family photo-session.








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