Win a set of 7 D'alexPhotography Vilnius Postcards

January 09, 2016  •  16 Comments

Dear friends,

We have started the year with New Year Resolution: connect more with our dear ones, especially family & friends abroad. Wouldn't it be nice to send them once in a while a few hand-written warm wishes on a Vilnius postcard?
Since many of you wanted Christmas postcards to send home, why not continue with sending Vilnius postcards?!
Thus, we are very happy to announce that we are opening up a series of 2016 monthly contests in which we are offering 3 sets of printed Vilnius postcards.

  • Why contest? Just for the fun of it!
  • What do you need to do? Write in a comment with whom you would like to be more in touch in 2016 and a Vilnius postcard would be a good pretext.

Looking forward to reading your entries and mailing/handing you 'the prize' in a week time.



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D'alex photography
Hi Guoda! many thanks for your compliment on artistic photos! We take it :)
Yes, I do hope the postcards from you will bring-up some smile on the face of your US-based boyfriend. I do hope will give even more reasons to stay close to each other. China and Ukraine sound like very good destinations for out postcards, many thanks for sharing this with us!!!
D'alex photography
Hi Julija,

Thank you so much for your message! Such a super cool idea to send a postcard to your friend in Japan! And yes, keeping some for yourself is also a good idea. There are 7 postcards in the set this time. In the future I don't know, we will let Vilnius decide :) We run this contests on monthly basis, so make sure you follow us on FB too -
hello. :) Firstly, I would send a postcard to my boyfriend in USA, we are having a long distance relationship, I know that he often feels lonely, but postcards just have a little magic to cheer up and to encourage to hold on till the big day of meeting each other comes again. :)) Also, recently I've started to do post- crossing and to collect postcards from different countries this way to compensate not affording to travel. My next friends I am going to send postcards are from Ukraine and China. I would like to make them smile with your artistic photographs! ^_^
I would send postcards to my best friend who now lives in Japan. She is from Vilnius, is in love with the city and misses it a lot!
And for selfish purposes I would keep one for myself, as I am also living abroad now, and having such a postcard pinned to my work desk would make me feel a bit closer to home.
D'alex photography
Sending Vilnius postcards to your parents-in-law would really be sweet of you and we would be thrilled to have our postcards travelling so far!
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