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February 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Did it ever happened to you that you were so sick, so so dizzy and drained of energy that you couldn't put up with your own child? Well, it happened to both of us to take the virus that Clara had the week before. So here we are: all three at home, but us being miserable and standing in the way of Clara's happiness that was feeling far better than us. She wanted to draw, to paint, to play with lego, to redo all the puzzles we had at home in the end to receive attention and be entertained. What did we want? To be left alone :/

Although feeling down, have simply ignored that and decided that we will prepare our Valentine's Cards for grandparents and our monthly contest. Have taken out the ceramic dough (clay), molded the L-O-V-E letters and lots of hearts. Had lunch & nap and painted them when woke up. Clara loves painting, mixing colors. I have to admit we are bit of colour-addicts too. After our red & orange & crimson & purplish-magenta hearts dried out, we went to the park to photograph them on wooden background. With rose buds, of course :))

This is not a parenting tip what we are about to write here, but simply illustrate the mind-shift we have experiences ourselves.  Playing with lego/ puzzles over and over again was not that exciting. But doing something with our hands, having fun in the process and photographing it throughout was! All parenting books we have read say that if you want happy kids, you need to keep yourself joyful first.

So, the trick is to find something that makes you happy, do it with your child and I can promise you will feel much better at the end. Now that we talk about what we love. For us is photography. For you, what is it?!


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