The magic of alive tropical butterflies

April 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend we had the chance to observe and interact with alive tropical butterflies at the Butterflies House.

The Butterflies House is located in the same building as the Toy Museum. At the entrance, we were led to a heated room where butterflies were flying around, stuck to the walls, to slices of orange (the sugar drill!), literally everywhere. They fit so well into the environment, that it is almost a game: find all butterflies & watch your foot in the process. After some time, we got used to the butterfly magic, started to observe them through the magnifying glasses, listened to the guide and simply enjoyed their magnificent colors! Once Clara got all the butterfly inspiration she needed, went to the exhibition room to craft some butterfly souvenirs! Exactly what she needed to make this experience a truly child-friendly one.

We LOVE the butterflies so much that want to go back to the Butterflies House again and again. And not only that, but photograph the excitement and surprise the kids show when watching them closely! Knowing the there might be some other interested parents that would love to have this experience and beautiful photos to remind them of that, we have contacted the Butterflies House. We proposed them to organise exclusive visits (outside of visiting hours) for groups of 3-4 families for which we are offering mini photo-sessions. And YES, they have said YES! We are meeting today with the English Guide to discuss details and will make an announcement soon.  

We are thinking April Sundays, 11 - 1pm, but you can leave the dates you would be interested in the comments section below and will get in touch. Meanwhile, enjoy the butterflies through our photographs :)



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