Where to have the photo-session? What shall we do if it rains?

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

These are the two most frequent questions we receive during our consultation meetings. It makes sense since we are on-location photographers: both capturing connection and a glimpse of this beautiful city (country) we currently live in.

It has recently happened to us to plan a family photo-session that would capture old town sceneries. We were really pinned to a particular day, an afternoon even. The family was about to leave Lithuania a few weeks after our photo-session so they wanted to spend one Saturday afternoon in the old town and have portraits with us.

The day came. We were ready, they were ready, rain was ready. And pouring. Almost as real Lithuanians, we went ahead with our plans. We have met on Sv Kazimiero g, found shelter under its famous arch and have taken some beautiful portraits there.

Knowing the Lithuanian weather, sun would come out soon. And it did! We continued having fun and having photos around the Bastion of Vilnius City Wall (Vilniaus Gynybines Sienos Basteja), picking dandelions, blowing bubbles and then hiking up to some wonderful panorama points.

It was all worth following our instincts and going ahead with the photo-session! The photos below will only confirm.

Now coming back to the first questions: Where to have the photo-session? Anywhere you want, anywhere you feel like, anywhere you have memories you want to treasure in photographs. If you need suggestions, we are here to advise!

What shall we do if it rains? Prepare your colorful rubber boots and matching umbrellas! We live in Lietuva, the country of rain ;)



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