D'alex Photography offers photography training in Vilnius

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The most important in pursuing photography is persistence as it requires this long term commitment to hard work and dedication. You need to train your eye, you need to learn your camera by heart, lighting, composition, directing subject if you do portraiture, studio lights if necessary, editing software, all in a fast-changing industry. So yes, we understand how confusing it might all feel, but do not worry, you will get there!

We are Canon photogs. Might not be a huge difference as camera functions are similar. We have 2 bodies, a Canon 6D and a Canon Mark IV, in terms of lenses we have: 16-40 f.4, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 and a lens baby composer pro 50mm + 3 speed lights, transmitter and soft boxes for the studio. When we go on field trips, we have all lenses with us. Will invite you to take photos with our camera to understand differences between lenses and focal distances. This will be fun!

Majority of classes will take place at our D'alex Photography Studio, located in Vilnius on Lukiskiu g 5, within walking distance from Gedimino av.

 As regards themes and schedule, here is our proposal:

  •    Chapter 1 - camera settings - understanding the iso - aperture - shutter speed triangle - focal points - manual mode
  •    Chapter 2 - lenses - focal distances - focus area
  •    Chapter 3 - light  
  •    Chapter 4 - composition rules
  •    Chapter 5 - workflow
  •    Chapter 6 - basic editing in camera raw & photoshop + mobile photography editing
  •    Chapter 7 - photographing with intention: setups / conceptual
  •    Chapter 8 - building a sense of style
  •    Chapter 9 - landscape photography
  •    Chapter 10 - night photography
  •    Chapter 11 - portraiture (indoors & outdoors)
  •    Chapter 12 - cinemagraphs

Since we are passionate photographers, we can talk for hours about photography and photograph Vilnius & surroundings forever & beyond. Still, we will limit ourselves to the basic principles that you need to remain with. Then for each two chapters, we suggest having at least 1 photo-trip / photo-session.
Each week we might have 1 hour theory + practice at the studio and every two weeks a photo-trip of 1 hour. How does that sound?

If you are ready for the first lesson, we are more than happy to welcome you at the studio for a cup of tea/coffee and photography talk.

With our warmest regards,

D'alex Photography








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